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Viet Vo Dao Program

This program is for boys and girls ages 5 and up. The program focuses on developing flexibility, endurance, and strength. Students have the opportunity to improve their concentration, self-esteem, while learning lifelong fitness habits and self-defense. The 5-8 year old class is a fun way for children to develop coordination and motor skills, while promoting their physical development and focusing their energy. Students will gain a wider perspective of their world, and the self confidence to protect themselves and others in dangerous real-life scenarios. Training includes warm-up, repetition of basic techniques, learning of new moves and going over the previously learned moves. Repetition of the Dai Bang School techniques on a weekly basis will help your child:

Thai Chi Program

This program welcomes young men and women ages 15 and up. Tai Chi primarily involves three aspects: health, meditation and martial arts. The key benefit of Tai Chi is stress relief; combinations of movements and breathing create a state of relaxation, and calmness. Stress, anxiety and tension melt away as you go through every movement and position in Tai Chi. The class focuses on improving physical and mental conditioning through cardiovascular drills. The effects last well after you stop your session. Continuous weekly repetition will provide:

Youth Boxing

My Kempo Youth Boxing Program will enhance your child's focus, confidence, respect, discipline, control and self-defense as they become physically fit. The program is open to boys and girls. Your child will learn basic boxing skills while developing the conditioning of a boxer through jump rope and various boxing drills. Additionally, he or she will learn footwork, punching combinations as well as proper use of the heavy bag in a fun and safe environment. The class structure consists of skill training and conditioning. Children will learn the basic stance, footwork and punches used in boxing. They will also learn how to properly use the boxing equipment and begin conditioning themselves as a boxer through various boxing drills and bodyweight exercises. Each Youth Boxing Program workout incorporates: strength, flexibility, control, coordination training, aerobic conditioning, offensive and defensive boxing skills, footwork, pad and bag workout. In our classes, we make learning fun and educational. Our goal is to help your child be the best they can be at everything they put their minds to and to have fun doing it.

Boxing Program

Boxing can be an excellent source of conditioning and terrific way to satisfy the basic human need of recognition in a positive manner. Our program is specifically designed to provide you with an extremely fulfilling and beneficial experience. It’s a great way to release frustrations in a positive way, and build self-confidence and character. Beginning stages will cover punching, defensive and offensive fundamentals, endurance exercises, sheer power exercises, knowledge of space perception between your opponents, sparring, shadowboxing, and heavybag. Extensive warm up and cool down exercises are always done in the beginning and at the end of each class session; conditioning is the key component in attaining a proper boxing form. To build a proper boxing etiquette consistency is a must and weekly repetition will improve:

Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing is a great way to improve your overall fitness and learn how to maximize the strength and potential of your body. By combining aerobic drills, punching and kicking the class is very high energy and in a short period of time utilizing a variety of exercises you feel your body slimming down and feeling great. Our program will help provide:

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